Saturday, April 2, 2016

An Unforgettable Moment!

The Grade 5 learners at Choithram International celebrated their transition from the PYP to the Middle Years Programme (MYP) through the annual PYP Exhibition on the issue ‘INTOLERANCE’ and Graduation Day on 2nd of April, 2016 that united the students, teachers, parents, and other members of the school community incorporating the essential elements of the PYP. The students amazed the audience with their dance and song presentation along with an awesome short film on Intolerance named 'AAWAZ : A voice against intolerance' which demonstrates action as a result of their learning. Parents were truly touched by a video on “Down The memory Lane” which showcased their ward’s whole journey through PYP years.

The HOS, Mr. Dilip Vasu boosted the learners’ morals high by awarding them with the IB learner profiles. The Cultural Outreach Project showcased by the DP1 students of Singapore International School graced the occasion. The event showcased how PYP 5 batch 2015-16 has drawn their contour of accomplishment beyond their extents to make this event a grand success.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


The main purpose of the exhibition is to allow students to explore and encourage to think about an issue with local as well as global significance.Realising the  impact of the issue-Intolerance , locally as well as  globally the  students were encouraged to think about various ways to deal with intolerance and spread the awareness in their community.Students shared their  innovative ways which they are following to deal with the issue.

An initiative to make our school green

What we are doing to the environment is a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves & to one another.Believing in this young ,enthusiastic & inquiring minds  of PYP 5 are all set for the Green school movement.They worked enthusiastically with the teachers to develop an area of the school so that it can be used as a refreshing zone for kids where they can learn with fun in the open  air.

Taking action - Thinking well

Students reflected on the action they have taken and ways in which they can broaden their base of influence. The goal is to have the action become extended beyond the original creator of the idea. To take the action from a local to global platforms. Every  mentor wants their students to take action that makes a difference to and in the world. The concept of action is more a state of mind than a product .Students have started working on a thinking well to encourage the community witnessing the exhibition to write meaningful & thought provoking messages in order to make people tolerant.These messages will  be placed in the thinking well.

Representation of data of different countries

Learners gathered information on various countries where citizens are still striving hard to get freedom to speech & expression.Through their research they came up with surprising data on various issues like the impact of U.S. Embargo in Cuba,the execution strategy in Saudi Arabia,conditions of Syrian refugees and the unwillingness of people to reside in North Korea.After gathering the data,they represented it through bar graphs & pie charts.They thus concluded that it's not easy to lead a free life in every country.

Spreading the word through dance..

Dance is an art and a form of communication, for it can well symbolize not only emotion and intent, but a fire burning, swirling smoke, a babbling brook, a bird in flight or aesthetic motion for art's sake. Human dancing serves as a means of imparting movement based information. So, dynamic learners of PYP  5 have decided to spread the message about  intolerance through a vibrant dance performance.

Taking action (Kelso's choice)

Kelso’s choice is a conflict-management strategy for students based on the premise that every child is capable of becoming a peacemaker. Designed around Kelso the Frog, this strategy offers nine options students can choose from to resolve minor conflicts on their own. Students will be able to determine the difference between minor problems they can handle and serious problems that require an adult’s help. Students decided to follow the strategy whenever they face a conflict situation in their life.